Norrm is an independent publication documenting selected inspiring output from varied cultural backgrounds. Our purpose is to present many intimate perspectives from various artistic talents and their relation to the value of the city. We connect links between talents, makers and the city by introducing real people and true stories.
What are we doing?
Norrm also offers hand-picked selection of content ranging from everyday to lifestyle goods, with the aim of always find the authenticity–because we care about all the potential we have that could support life.
What we believe?
Norrm believes in the value of potential local talents and makers could give big
impact to the people and the city itself. We ensure to only provide honest and
authentic content that are initiated with passion, dedication, also respect
humanity and natural resources.
Our Vision
Norrm aims to be an inspirational platform for local artistic talents with sincere interest in giving their personal perspective about themselves, their works and true story behind it, also its relation to the value of the city. Besides provide general provisions and impeccable service, we also serve a gathering place and hub to build community, openness, and collaboration.
Our Mission
We began Norrm because of our passion to create and evolve an online space that documenting and publishing content with broad range of themes and topics that selected based on its quality and authenticity with focused on local content. Our goal is to be known as a strong platform to embrace, support, and introduce all of the potential local artistic talents.
What's Going on